An ideal eSourcing platform enables real-time, simultaneous, anonymous and continuous negotiation between qualified suppliers – where suppliers compete among themselves to offer the best possible price for the highest possible quantity under the existing conditions in order to bag the order. There is no role played by the agent of the buyer – or by any other person – during this actual negotiation process, thus guaranteeing absolute transparency. As India’s first eProcurement company in metals and minerals space, we played a pioneering role in identifying, developing and streamlining the eProcurement market in India. Several of our initiatives and innovations were aimed at removing the systemic hurdles and preconceived notions. Our sourcing platforms promise fair price discovery, brings in transparency and savings to the buyer.



Aggregation service reduces the total cost of ownership by optimising stores and warehouses, reducing regular procurement activity, and eliminating overstocking and stockouts in various non-strategic spend categories across industries. This hassle-free availability of MRO-items reduces significant procurement bandwidth of our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Cloud based procurement solutions

Our eProcurement application is now also on Cloud: a customizable platform available to multiple organisations to connect efficiently with their suppliers. This user-friendly platform supports simple to complex procurement covering the entire procurement lifecycle of goods, services & projects, supplier management & rating integrating with legacy ERP. It also allows suppliers to avail finance from bank and organisations to design their own workflow, rules and configure the system as per their need.

Procurement Assistance Services

Our procurement-assistance services help clients to buy industrial goods and services with efficiency and effectiveness, thereby not only lowering procurement costs but also decreasing the purchase cycle-time. Measurable outcomes for clients are delivered through a world-class IT platform, tools, processes, and specialists having deep knowledge on an extensive range of material-categories.

Global Procurement Summit

We organise the Global Procurement Summit, a conference that discusses key issues that procurement professionals and organisations are facing in the dynamic business environment. The conference also provides insights into emerging trends and use of technology in procurement. It is an excellent networking platform of procurement professionals from across the country.

Case Studies