Home Code of conduct


mjunction is committed to the highest ethical standards. To take pride in the work we do, we must do our work honestly. The public’s trust in our work is our most important asset – depends on our meeting these high standards.


We, at mjunction, believe in doing business with integrity, acting professionally with all our stakeholders, upholding our clients’ reputation as well as our own, treating each other and the environment with respect and acting in a socially responsible manner.

Our core values – Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Excellence , – define what we stand for and believe in – maintaining high ethical standards while doing our business which the company has uncompromisingly upheld since its founding in 2001.

Management of Business Ethics in mjunction is guided by our Code of Conduct which is viewed not only as a set of rules that covers every situation or challenge we may face, but also to serve as a daily guide for putting our values into action. It explains what Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Excellence mean to us and how we use these values to make sound, ethical decisions in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

We also expect that our customers, suppliers and their representatives will share and embrace mjunction’s commitment to its Values in letter and in spirit and adhere to Customer & Supplier Code of Conduct while they are conducting business with and/or on behalf of mjunction.

You may report questionable behaviour or possible violation of the Code of Conduct to the Ethics Counsellor at ethics@mjunction.in