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Mjunction’s journey since 2001 has been one of growth. Throughout this eventful journey, our customers have always remained at the centre of our universe. We would like to acknowledge that it is the trust and confidence of our customers in our abilities that have brought us this far. We are committed to bring transparency and efficiency in B2b sales and procurement through our e-auction, e-procurement and e-marketplace platforms.

As we steadfastly traversed the road of excellence to becoming a market leader in B2b e-commerce in the country, we have continually entered new domains - in keeping with our mission of making the world a better place every day. As we continue on this exciting journey, our people will remain our core strengths, and integrity our way of life. Trust and support of all our clients, partners and stakeholders will continue to inspire and motivate us on this chosen path.

Vinaya Varma


Vinaya Varma


Aninda Chatterjee

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President - Finance

Amit Khan

Chief Information Officer

Dipankar Mukherjee

Chief of Marketing & Sales

Ajay Kumar Tiwari

Company Secretary

Peeyush Gupta


Vinaya Varma


Suresh Rangani


Jayanta Banerjee


Sanjib Nanda


Sanjay Agarwal

Additional Director

Syed Jawad Ahmed

Additional Director

Our Vision

To be the leading digital commerce platform of choice for over 1 million businesses worldwide, powering over $100 billion of commerce annually.

Our Mission

To help businesses achieve exceptional outcomes through our digital commerce platforms.

Our Values


We embrace a flexible and adaptive approach to our work. We respond quickly and efficiently to changing circumstances, customer needs, and market trends. As an agile organization, we value innovation, continuous improvement, and the ability to navigate challenges with resilience.

Open and Collaborative

We believe in fostering a culture of openness and collaboration, where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued. Openly sharing knowledge, insights, and feedback, we collectively create better solutions and achieve our goals more effectively.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships, both within the organization and with our customers. We believe in being honest, reliable, and accountable for our actions and decisions. By earning and maintaining trust, we build lasting partnerships with our customers and stakeholders.

Nothing but Our Best

Striving for excellence is at the core of our values. We are committed to delivering nothing but our best in everything we do. This dedication to quality, precision, and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition and drives continuous improvement. By challenging ourselves to constantly raise the bar, we ensure that our products and services exceed customer expectations and stand out in the market.

Employee First, Customer First

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we believe that taking care of our employees translates into better service for our customers. When we prioritize our employees’ well-being, growth, and development, they, in turn, are more motivated and engaged in serving our customers. A customer-first approach means that we always put our customers’ needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our decision-making, aiming to provide exceptional experiences that build lasting relationships.


Best Procurement Technology Service Provider
SaaS Company Of The Year 2022
CSR Impact
Nasscom East IT Award
Bengal Chamber Award
CPO Award
BT CSR Award
CSR Award
Inc. India Innovative 100 Award
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