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Intrapreneurs@mjunction, a first-of-its kind book in India on intrapreneurship, documents the meteoric rise of mjunction services ltd, an E-commerce company whose visionary leader empowered his team to think and work like...

Viresh Oberoi

Viresh Oberoi(Former CEO & MD mjunction)

“Intrapreneurs@mjunction is to me, on the one hand, a story of a few determined people wanting to change the world - make a better place - through their passion to succeed leveraging and harnessing the power of the Internet, and on the other hand, having a great time doing it. Putting the two together, that is, successful creation of a for-profit social organization and the joy of creating and managing it, indeed makes a heady cocktail.”



mjunction services limited operating at the cutting edge of Information Technology and the Internet, is a 50:50 venture promoted by SAIL and TATA Steel. Founded in February 2001, it is today not only India's largest BPM company.


Rajeev Kumar(Author)

A specialist in organizational communication management. A PhD in Organizational Communication from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, he was a Fulbright Doctoral Research...

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Also available at - Starmark, The Modern Book Depot, Kolkata and the Family Book Shop, Park Street, Kolkata

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In Appreciation

‘‘I have noted that mjunction has become the world's largest marketplace for steel, and the goal is set to bring in more transformations.’’

Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group

‘‘Entrepreneurship requires a high degree of ‘out of the box’ thinking…Viresh Oberoi and his team pursued an idea and ultimately achieved success.’’

former Managing Director, Tata Steel and ex-Director, Tata Sons

Testimonials to CEO and MD

"Thank you for a copy of the book “ Intrapreneurs @ mjunction”... makes interesting reading, besides taking persons like me for a journey down memory lane...Obviously the journey has just started and mjunction has many many miles to go. I wish you and your team all success in this endeavour."

former Managing Director, Tata Steel and ex-Director, Tata Sons

"I received the book...What you and, under your leadership, your team has achieved is remarkable and path breaking. Congratulations to you and your team."

- B. Muthuraman,
former Managing Director, Tata Steel and ex-Director, Tata Sons

"Congratulations Viresh to you and the mjunction team."

- Sandipan Chakravortty,
former Managing Director, TATA Steel Processing and Distribution Limited

"It is indeed a delight to witness mjunction emerge as a globally leading e-commerce company under your dynamic & visionary leadership...The book launched on your company aptly captures the eventful journey. I was delighted to find mention of that game changing flight where we first met! For me it was a pleasant journey down the memory lane."

- Partha Bhattacharyya,
former CMD, Coal India Limited

"…It is a great initiative to capture the stakeholder's view about the company and place the same in the form of a book titled "Intraprenuers@mjunction"…"

- Anil Sardana,
CEO and Managing Director, The Tata Power Company Limited

"Thank you for sending me a copy of “Intrapreneurs@mjunction”...it comes off as a creative literary initiative that chronicles the admirable progress of a successful and creative company, which would inspire readers to emulate mjunction’s efforts in their own domains...."

- Praveen P Kadle,
Managing Director & CEO, Tata Capital Limited

"Thank you very much for sending me a copy of the book “Intrapreneurs @ mjunction” which has very aptly captured the Company’s journey / adventure. I congratulate you on leading mjunction to new heights and I wish you and your team all the very best for the future."

- Abraham G. Stephanos,
Managing Director, TATA Steel Processing and Distribution Limited

"Thank you very much for the greetings and forwarding the book, “Intrapreneurs @ mjunction”...the book will make an excellent guidance for all of us..."

- Tarun Daga,
Managing Director, The Tinplate Company of India Limited.

"At the onset let me first congratulate you and your team at mjunction for the wonderful success story of mjunction…I have marveled at how you have focused in imbibing the best of two cultures that gave birth to mjunction. I believe the success of mjunction has a lot to do with leadership provided by you and your top team..."

- Sanjiv Paul,
Managing Director, TATA Metaliks Limited

"I must compliment you and your team for documenting your success story in a very good read. Given the abundance of the success stories and books in the market, I must say that your success story is a must recommend and read…"

- Kaushal K Mishra,
Managing Director, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited

"Thank you for sending me the book on “Intrapreneurs@mjunction”...congratulations on the pioneering work that you have done in creating a whole new concept…"

- Vipin Sondhi,
MD and CEO, JCB India Ltd.

"Heartiest congratulations to you and your team for the wonderful success of “mjunction” which, Col. Kumar’s “Intrapreneurs@mjunction” made an enjoyable read – thank you for sharing your interesting story... ...I take this opportunity to wish all of you at mjunction, a splendid year ahead and send my best, for each of your future achievements, of which, there will be many, I am sure !"

- Rajiv Luthra,
Founder and Managing Director, Luthra & Luthra

"I was glued to the screen for a long time, this afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and listening to you. Congratulations. I feel happy that I could do my little bit to assure you freedom, to do whatever you wanted to do..."

- Tridibesh Mukherjee,
Former deputy Managing Director, Tata Steel & Former Executive Director of Tata Steel Europe (Corus)

"...the book ‘Intrapreneurs@mjunction – The Making of an e-commerce Giant’ covers the journey of mjunction over the decade and a half...Being personally involved in its birth, I feel a sense of pride that the fledgling entity we nurtured has now grown into the world’s largest e-market place for steel..."

- Arti Luniya,
Executive Director, SAIL

"... "Intrapreneurs@mjunction" – an interesting corporate ‘evolution’ story…"

- Subodh Bhargava,
Chairman, TATA Communications

"... well researched and lucidly written...compels one to reiterate the timeless values stated, such as ‘greater good,’ ‘co-operation,’ ‘setting prejudices aside,’ in one’s moral code book. I commend the growth of ‘mjunction’ under your able leadership and the challenges faced with strength and purpose to achieve envisioned goals."

- Ravindra Chamaria,
Chairman, Infinity group

"Thank you for the “Intrapreneurs@mjunction” book... You have created a greatest institution in Mjunction and reading the book makes me aware of the enormity of your achievements."

- Gaurav Swarup,
Managing Director, Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.

"...I must complement you for taking this initiative which will mark a milestone in the history of mjunction...I appreciate the innovations built into the growth of mjunction."

- Amitava Bakshi,
Chief Procurement Officer, TATA Steel Limited.

"The story of mjunction is indeed a story of relentless efforts by a dedicated group of professionals, fighting against tremendous odds, to achieve excellence in their pioneering role in introducing e-commerce in India. My heartiest congratulations to you (as the Captain of the team) and to your members for your all round achievements..."

- Mihir Kumar Moitra,
I.A.S (Retd)

"I would like to congratulate you and your entire team for the wonderful achievements and the book launch…"

- Vishal Agarwal,
Vice Chairman & managing Director, Visa Steel Limited

"Many thanks for sending a copy of the publication right-away. The book, very appropriately, reflects the remarkable leadership you have provided from day one of mjunction. I would like to wish you great success in the coming years…"

- Dr. Sanak Mishra,
Former MD, Rourkela Steel Plant,
Currently Secretary General & Executive Head,
Indian Steel Association

"I will start by conveying my thanks to you for sending me the book – Intrapreneures @ mjunction. I found it a very interesting book and I felt I should write to you after reading it. The narrative is great- tracing the company’s and your progress since the time the company was launched in 2001. Having been part of a pioneering journey myself, I could relate to the details of the evolution of the company and the many challenges it faced over these years. What was truly impressive was the gradual development of the value proposition in new field. Also you did not feel constrained that it was a JV- and you went beyond the partners for business and you did not treat the partners as captive units. eCommerce is growing at a fast pace. As mjunction grows further in this exciting market place, your pioneering and transformation story will continue..."

- S Mahalingam,
Former CFO and Executive Director
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

"Thank you for sending me the book Intrapreneures @ mjunction..."

- Nadir B. Godrej,
Managing Director
Godrej Industries Limited

"Thank you very much for sending me the book...This is an excellent description of the growth of mjunction which has achieved the height of a great full - fledged business process management company. As a CEO and Managing Director of the company from the very start you have inspired the team by providing leadership, initiative and innovation to become a great company..."

- Atmanand,
Dean and Professor of Economics and Energy, MDI Gurgaon

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